Map 2 All LCT’s

Map 3 – DNP Boundary with AONB

Map 3GE – Open spaces and those nominated for LGS

Map 5GE – Play Sport and Leisure

Map 6 – RoW and aspirations

Map 7GE Green Matrix

Map 8A Jawbones Beacon Park LGS 16

Map 8 Local Green Space Designations (updated 20/09/22)

Map 9A Dartmouth LocaIly Important Views North

Map 9B Dartmouth Locally Important Views South

Map 11 Settlement Boundary Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan

Map 15TE Non Heritage Assets

Map 16 Civic Spaces

Map 17a Former Hospital Site

Map 17b Health Centre Zion Place

Map 18 Emergency and Community Services

Map 19 Proposed slipway and associated short term craft and vehicle parking

Map 20 Dartmouth Academy