Appendices and supporting evidence base

A1 Basic Condition Statement To follow

A2 Consultation Statement To follow

A3 Habitat Regulations and Strategic Environmental Assessment To follow

C Dartmouth Town Council OSSR final June 2021

C2 D&DSA submission re Norton Field

C3 evidence from sports clubs

D Footpath Evaluation

E1 Green Matrix Sites

E2 Wildlife Resource Map and Report DBRC 2020

F Locally Important Views

G Climate Change Evidence

H1 DCC Extra Care Housing Study Updated 2015

H2 Existing Second Home Data

Local and Non-Designated Heritage assets

J1 Non-Designated Heritage Assets

J2 Designated Heritage Assets

J3 Devon Historic Coastal and Market Towns Survey and Historic Urban Character Areas for Dartmouth

K1 Summary of 2016 Consultation Responses

K2 Summary of 2021 Business Survey Responses

L1 Dartmouth Conservation Area Appraisal

L2 South Devon AONB Management Plan

M1 Market and Coastal Town Final Report 2004

M2 Retail and Leisure Study 2017 PBA

N Housing Needs Assessment 2021 AECOM

O Historic Flooding Incident Report

P Development Briefs:

P1 Employment Sites –

P2 Brownfield Sites

Q1 Transport Study 2004 by Parsons Brinckerhoff for DCC

Q2 Parsons Brinkerhoff Study – Proposals

R1a Civic Spaces Table

R2 Brownfield Sites Schedule

R3 Brownfield Sites Map

S1 Dartmouth Hospital Register Plan

Appendix B Topic Group Papers


Town Environment

Green Environment


Additional evidence