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The Steering group for the Neighbourhood Plan has now published the Executive summary of the plan on this website. You can find it on the menu bar above. This is the first step towards consultation with the community to make sure the plan reflects the opinions and values of the majority of the community. Click on the front page below to read the plan.

Are Dartmouth’s Green Spaces Important to You?

The Neighbourhood Plan being developed for Dartmouth is a once in a generation opportunity to gain “Green Belt” type protection for our open spaces by designating them as Local Green Spaces. To date 16 sites have been identified for this protection.

  1. Coronation Park (DTC)
  2. Royal Avenue Gardens (DTC)
  3. Community Greenhouse site and adjacent areas on North embankment (DTC)
  4. Dartmouth Castle Wall (DTC)
  5. Castle Estate (DTC)
  6. Jawbones allotments (Dartmouth Trust)
  7. Milton Lane Allotments (DTC)
  8. Longcross cemetery (DTC)
  9. Community Orchard (DTC)
  10. Warfleet Creek, Lime Kilns, Quay and Slip (DTC)
  11. Sandquay Wood (Raleigh Estate)
  12. Norton Wood (SHDC)
  13. Norton Field (SHDC)
  14. Manor Gardens
  15. Crosby Meadow (Dartmouth Trust)
  16. Jawbones Beacon Park (SHDC)

The majority of sites, and all of those owned by DTC, have received landowner support for this “Green Belt” type of protection. However the landowners of Manor Gardens, Jawbones Beacon Park, Jawbones Allotments and Crosby Meadow are not prepared to support this designation for their land. It is still possible to nominate these 4 sites but if we are to be successful in an opposed nomination we must show that each site is demonstrably “special” to our local community and holds a particular local significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value, tranquillity or richness of its wildlife. If you would like to add your support for one or more of these sites please do so via our web site  .  Thank you for your support.

We need part-time support in the development of a Transport Study for Dartmouth over the next few months

We are seeking to identify a person to assist in progressing the work of developing a Transport Study to support the Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan by a contract for services to carry out various activities. The key requirement is to find someone with good written and verbal communication skills with experience of working as part of a team.
The following skills sets and indication of areas where support may be needed are intended to give an idea of the nature of the work which may be involved.

Note : This is a remunerated role

1 Ability to engage positively with a wide range of individuals and interest groups in a consultative process.

2 Possess a good knowledge of the town of Dartmouth and its community

3 Possess excellent IT skills with experience of, spreadsheets, word processing and presentation software

4 Ability to create content for websites and social media platforms

5 Ability to work within agreed parameters including financial and time constraints.

6 Possess experience of managing, recording and accounting for time spent on chargeable activity

If you wish to discuss the opportunity informally please contact either
Jeremy Wilson on 07795437634
Tony Tudor on 07870880696
If you would like to be considered for this work please supply a CV and a brief supporting statement of interest by email to Robert Brooke (

Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan –  Calling Dartmouth community organisations, societies and groups .

As one of the four groups set up to help establish the Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan for the next 15-20 years, we want to make sure that we truly reflect the thoughts and aspirations of local people. Our group is concerned with the town environment.
One of the topics we are investigating is the wide range of community
organisations in the Town. We would like to make contact with community groups, identify the facilities and venues they use and understand their importance to the Dartmouth community.
The Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan needs to represent a wide range of views. We hope you do not mind being contacted in this way, we had planned to hold public meetings and workshops, unfortunately, with the current pandemic this has proved impossible. With your help, we can develop and refine policies towards a positive and sustainable future for the Dartmouth community.
Please visit our website where you can give your feedback and ideas direct.
Many Thanks

Paul Talbot


Town Environment Topic Group








Valuable community feedback

We have been receiving valuable input from the community and so we have now redesigned the website to publish this input for all to see.

You can now click on the menu Community Feedback to see all emails and comments which have come through the website. It is well worth a scan as there are a lot of valuable ideas contained in these emails.

Take part in our Business Survey

The Economy Topic Group from the Dartmouth Neighbourhood Planning team is carrying out a survey of Dartmouth businesses. We are trying to determine how we can obtain suitable input for our Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan to help influence the success of businesses in Dartmouth and the sustainability of Dartmouth’s economy . We will be carrying out face to face interviews but it will be impossible to get in front of every business owner in Dartmouth. So we have devised an online survey which any Dartmouth business can complete, however we will require the name and address of your business to ensure the validity of your input. Click on the image below to enter the survey.

Read the Historic Survey of Dartmouth

If you click this image you will see we have just added a detailed Historic Survey of Dartmouth to our reference information. This project was commissioned by Devon County Council with funding provided by Historic England. The work was carried out by AC archaeology. This is a fascinating report exploring the history of all the different districts and streets of Dartmouth.

An invitation to take part in an evaluation of Dartmouth’s Footpaths and Rights of Way.

If you are a keen walker, there is an opportunity during September 2020 to take part in an evaluation of Dartmouth’s footpaths, Bridle Paths, Cycle Paths and Rights of Way.

Jean McNulty

Your views are very important; your feedback will help Dartmouth Town Council to protect them and consider whether any action is needed to improve aspects of the paths.

Below is a list of walks to be evaluated.You are likely to be already familiar with them. Some walks are not included as they are already being checked, so it’s not a definitive list.

If you have any other queries, please get in touch through this website.

Walk Map reference

Shortcut across field from A379 to Swanaton Road From SX869500 to SX868498

Jawbones 760m from Allotments to Beacon Jubilee Park From SX876510 to SX873506

Jawbones to Above Town From SX876510 toSX877510 via SX876509

Bridleway between water treatment plant in Old Mill Creek From SX860519 to SX849514
via Lower Norton Farm and Norton Chalets to A3122.

Old Mill Lane through Sandquay Woods, circular.

Dart Vally Trail, Mayors Avenue Car Park to Old Mill Creek FromSX878514 to SX66511

New Co-Chairman for the Economy Topic Group

The Economy Topic Group has been joined by a new member who will take on the Co-Chairmanship of the group alongside Paul Reach. James Cocker has extensive experience in Local Government and particularly in economic planning. You can read a little more about James by clicking on his photo.

Paul Reach will continue to co-lead the group applying his extensive experience of Dartmouth both in local government on the Town Council and as a past Chairman of the Chamber of Trade.

Help us to conserve Dartmouth’s Heritage Assets

20th August 2020

We are asking the residents of Dartmouth to identify local heritage assets to help us preserve them through inclusion in the Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan. If you are aware of, or are passionate about a part of Dartmouth that has not been recognised yet then please let us know through this site.

Heritage assets includes designated and non-designated assets and is defined in the National Planning Framework as being ‘A building, monument, site, place, area or landscape identified as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions because of its heritage interest’.

Designated heritage assets include Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas and are regarded as being of national importance.

 Non-designated assets, whilst not meeting the same strict criteria as designated assets, are of importance at a local level and do have significance in planning decisions. Heritage assets may be architectural, historic, artistic and/or archaeological. They can be below ground as well as above ground and include features and structures such as pumps, cobbled surfaces, post boxes etc as well as buildings.

Many of the the buildings and ancient monuments are already listed and well documented, we are more interested in the non-designated  assets  that  are not noticed by the general public but local people have a particular fondness to see these features conserved and enhanced and contribute to the very special character of Dartmouth.

You can play a part in preserving these hidden assets so please let us know if you would like us to consider your favourite place. You can contact us by clicking the button below. Please provide a description of your special place together with your contact email. You can nominate more than one special place if you wish.

Save a Green Space near you

21st July 2020

The Green Environment Group of the Neighbourhood Plan has almost completed their listing of Open Spaces in Dartmouth. You just need to nominate your space and volunteer to Champion it –  and if it’s chosen it will fight to protect it!

Make sure it’s on the list
If you have a green area near your home that is important to you, your family and community then make sure it is on the list by contacting the Neighbourhood Plan web site within the next 2 weeks.

We then intend to identify the most important of these sites for greater protection by designating them as “Local Green Spaces”. If you wish to influence the selection why not become a “Local Champion” and get your friends and neighbours to help us collect the information necessary to ensure this designation.

It is not a lot of work but if you don’t do it, it will not happen!

Can you be one of our Green Spaces Champions?

Our Green Environment Topic Group, lead by Peter Goldstraw, is trying to enlist several volunteers to take on the role of “Local Champion” for Dartmouth’s green spaces. We would like to see someone take on every green space we want to preserve.

Your role would be to nominate a green space – for example The Orchard, Coronation Park, Manor Gardens to name just a few then garner local support to help to preserve it. We would like to see a Champion for every green space around the town.

Our Champions will obtain nominations for open spaces aid, with assessment of the sites and garner community support for any that make the short list for Local Green Space protection.

If you would like to be considered as our “Local Champion” for your special green space please contact us through this website by clicking below.

Robert Brooke introduces our new website

July 12th 2020

Our Chairman Robert Brooke has written an introduction to the new Neighbourhood Planning effort and relaunched the project with the following message.

“Welcome to the new Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan website.
The Steering Group and the Topic Group Leaders are in place and actively beginning their detailed work. The immediate task is to build further the evidence base we need to support the plan.
Your input is vital. Please go to the Take Part section of this website or to our email address and let us have your messages and enquiries.
Now is the time for you to act. Your input will help us develop suitable plans and policies for Dartmouth for the next 15-20 years.
We intend to provide regular updates so please look out for them on this website.”

Robert Brooke
Chairman of the Steering Group

Press release – 12-07-2020

Today sees the launch of the new website for the Neighbourhood Plan Group Here you will meet the team members and see how they are progressing with the preparation of a long term Plan for Dartmouth – going into 2034. 

Our Chairman Robert Brooke has written an introduction to the new Neighbourhood Planning effort and relaunched the project with the following message.

Welcome to the new Dartmouth Neighbourhood Plan website. The Steering Group and the Topic Group Leaders are in place and actively beginning their detailed work. The immediate task is to build further the evidence base we need to support the plan.

Your input is vital. Please go to the ‘take part’ section of our new website or email address  and let us have your messages and enquiries. Now is the time for you to act. Your input will help us develop suitable plans and policies for Dartmouth for the next 15-20 years.

We intend to provide regular updates so please look out for them on this website or, better still, register and receive them direct to your email inbox.

Robert Brooke
Chairman of the Steering Group

We are building our Topic Group teams and need people with the skills to help us plan the future of Dartmouth. If you are passionate about the town and believe you can help us, then please contact us either through our website at or by emailing our Chairman Robert Brooke on .

If you want to subscribe to our newsletter go to the ‘contact us’ page on our new website at END

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  1. I will read the historical survey with interest – as far as I know nobody contacted the Museum for information and of course we have a great deal that might well have been of use for such a survey.

    I also note the use of an image of the Shambles at the top of Smith Street – again, as far as I know nobody asked the Museum for permission to use it since the original oil painting by Miss CB Hunt (1839) is owned by the Museum. At the very least an acknowledgement should have been given.

    The footpath listing ins noted – at least one has been missed out and was taken over by locals – perhaps without permission – about 5 years ago. Maps exist in the Museum. I will contact Jean McNulty.

    I have to recommend a bit of homework is done in future.

  2. Shaun Pound says:

    More than happy to support the adoption of the green spaces lists. Not sure that just sending a comment email is the best way of demonstrating this or if a specific monkeysurvey or similar would not be better.

    1. Peter Goldstraw says:

      Thgank you for your support. We are considering an online petition but the demonstration on community suppoort for these nominated sites on this web site is most important.

  3. Carol Lingard says:

    Jawbones needs to be protected, it is one of the few areas where one can walk dogs, have a Picnic without the hassle if not being abe to park the car and no fear of children running onto the road

  4. Peter Goldstraw says:

    Thank you so much for your support for JBP gaining Local Green Space protection within Dartmouth’s developing Neighbourhood Plan. Such support is most important in our efforts on this aspect.
    Peter Goldstraw

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